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Corporate Headquarters - Phillips

1300 N. Airport Rd.
Phillips, WI, 54555 USA

Phone: +1 (715) 339-2191

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship parts overnight?
Yes. Please contact a Customer Service Representative and work with them for the options for expedited shipping. 
Do you offer technical service 24 hours a day?
Yes, we have after-hours contact information. Please contact our Technical Service Team via the after-hours phone numbers. 
Do you provide training for your machines?
Yes, we have several training programs. You can check them out in this page.
Do you sell and provide service used or pre-owned machines?
Yes, we service equipment throughout the life of the machine, please contact technical service. You can check the available preowned machines here.
How many print units are in your Rotary Die Cutter?
Please check out our Rotary Die Cutters on the Products section.
Do you service or upgrade non-本色视频 machines?
In some cases, yes. Please contact our Aftermarket Representatives for more information. 

Do your machines cut materials other than cardboard or paper?
Contact us and ask about our cutting trials to test your material. 
Do you sell parts and provide service for all of your legendary brands? Marquip? Ward? Bielomatik? Kugler-Womako? E.C.H. Will? Wrapmatic?
Yes, we do sell parts and provide service for our legendary brands. Please contact us and we can help you.
Do you sell paper in a ream?
No, we don't sell paper. We manufacture machines that convert paper into reams.