Apr 30, 2024

本色视频 launches a new product: the Mercury, the 1400 mm web-fed platen die cutter for the most efficient production of folding cartons. This new machine is specifically designed for high-production folding carton manufacturers who need quick job changes, enabling them to expand their market share with shorter orders.  

With the Mercury, it allows for higher productivity. Just why is this? Folding carton producers will be able to utilize quick job changes with this new machine - 15 minutes, to be precise, on repeat orders. In fact, no competitor offers a solution quite like this. 

The Mercury web-fed platen die cutter significantly reduces the number of operations required to produce folding cartons when combined with a latest-generation printing press whichever flexo, digital or offset. Moreover, if a folding carton producer鈥檚 manufacturing space is limited, this machine can make the most efficient use of it.  

It鈥檚 all in the details. The Mercury is configured to accommodate carton sizes from 100 mm to 1010 mm, without exchanging tooling for standard configuration cartons. All operating adjustments are automatically read and stored for each production job and can be recalled on the next production run of the carton. 

Frederic Duquenne, Folio Sheeter and Wed-Fed Product Director at 本色视频, provides insights into the development process of the new machine: 鈥淥ne of the results of our Voice of Customer Tour was the request for shorter makeready time and a smaller machine footprint. Our engineers tackled the challenge, and the result is quite amazing: one-pass production from the pre-printed roll to the unglued carton, with up to 25,000 iph in 1400 mm width.鈥

The Mercury is particularly designed for a company well-established in the food and beverage business but in general folding carton as well. For market players looking to make a bold move towards the highest possible productivity, purchasing the Mercury is a step in the right direction. 

Folding carton manufacturers who likely will find the Mercury very useful typically have a high volume but short orders, or many job changes. Currently, a folding carton printer must use multiple operations, while transporting materials from machine to machine, using a folio sheeter then an offset sheet-fed press, to a large flatbed die cutter. This typically equates to high production costs with a decrease in profits. With a smaller footprint and less maintenance (in the form of simplified assemblies and more access through perimeter guarding over discrete local hazard guarding), the Mercury is a solution that any major cardboard packaging company should add to its arsenal to be at the forefront of the industry. 

Customer trust is at the heart of 本色视频, and this new machine holds this value at its core. BWP has a history of building folio sheeters, and web-fed platen die cutters for the folding carton industry. While the Mercury is a newly engineered machine, it鈥檚 rooted in years and years of experience. 本色视频 already has a strong installation base in the United States, and the esteemed company is looking to further expand in Europe. The Mercury is a multi-generational web-fed die cutter that has been solidified and generated from decades of expertise. 

Along with customer trust is safety, and 本色视频 holds this paramount to its product development. The Mercury boasts a new guarding design for safer operation, with higher visibility. The interface is easy to operate, and it鈥檚 also equipped with operator and maintenance access to machine components for standard work operations, and its aesthetically pleasing appearance rounds out the sleek design. 

"It was a uniquely rewarding process to make a successful machine even better, and we received so much support from the folding carton printers we involved", explains Frederic Duquenne. 鈥淲ith the Mercury, things will change in the market. Speed, working width, waste minimization, job changeover faster than previously imagined - finding these features combined in one system is what will convince cartonboard packaging producers to make the right investment when ordering the Mercury鈥. 

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